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Thin-walled stainless steel water pipe - quality to create a beautiful life

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2017/10/24 22:27
Withthedevelopmentofthenationaleconomyandthegeneralpublic'sawarenessofhealth,thequalityrequirementsfordrinkingwateraregraduallyincreasing. Inrecentyears,environmentalpollutionisrampantandtheecological
With the development of the national economy and the general public's awareness of health, the quality requirements for drinking water are gradually increasing.
In recent years, environmental pollution is rampant and the ecological environment in urban residential areas is threatened. For example, in 2007 the outbreak of blue-green algae in Taihu Lake, Xiamen water tap in 2014 detected amoxicillin and the 2015 Hong Kong lead-water incident.
The ecological environment was polluted, leading to a decrease in the quality of tap water in some cities. In order to ensure the health and safety of drinking water, drinking water will be supplied in different ways according to the way of water supply, which results in the supply and demand of direct drinking water in the pipeline.
In order to meet the demand of direct drinking water systems and enhance environmental awareness and health concerns, the water quality requirements of direct drinking water systems have gained universal attention. "Pipeline drinking water system technical regulations" on the system can be used in the pipe made of "pipe should be selected stainless steel, copper or other food-grade health requirements of high quality water supply plastic pipe and high-quality steel-plastic composite pipe."
Economically speaking, stainless steel pipe, although one-time high investment, but the service life cycle is generally 70 years, durable, thin wall, light weight, strength, effective diameter than the metal pipe about 30%.
Beautiful appearance, the installation of Ming Guan to give people a luxurious, elegant feeling. Smooth tube wall, no rust, no scaling effective water flow, resistance, corrosion resistance, energy saving and environmental protection. Pipeline connection convenient, time-saving and labor-saving, good sealing performance, easy maintenance, safety and health advantages.
Stainless steel pipe has been favored by the plumbing engineering community and occupies a very important position, has been widely used in building water and drinking water pipes, forming a trend that is not suitable for development.
In recent years, the state has paid more attention to the issue of environmental protection. Projects such as "Water 10", "Drinking Water from Healthy Schools in China", and Safe Drinking Water Projects in Various Regions are in full swing.
Drinking water pipeline as a direct drinking water facilities, in the future development of it is bound to become residential, office drinking water market, the mainstream trend.
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